Training Like We Fight: From the Ground at AUSA 2017

AUSA 2017

Earlier this month, the AUSA 2017 Annual Meeting, the largest land warfare exposition in the U.S., took place in Washington, D.C. and brought together military experts from across the country to discuss the present and future of our nation’s warfighting abilities.

Modern Military Training was able to get up close and personal with several industry leaders to better understand the offerings available for training today’s warfighter like they fight. One key theme throughout the show was the desire to continue bolstering synthetic training programs that address multi-domain training challenges as well as cyber warfare training.

Industry and military experts alike expressed their vision for building towards readiness with cutting edge simulation technology that not only helps train warfighters in cost-effective, minimally disruptive ways, but also prepares them for more situations than could ever possibly be fabricated in a purely live training environment.

Modern Military Training also had the opportunity to speak with some industry leaders in the training and simulation space and learn more about what technology is becoming available for our warfighters.

Rockwell Collins demonstrated their Waveguide technology on the show floor. Traditionally, fighter pilots have been provided a tactical advantage through the use of helmet mounted visor display systems. Now, Rockwell Collins is looking to provide that same advantage to ground soldiers, using the latest optical waveguide technology.  The lightweight, compact,  see‐through, head-mounted displays allows the operator to maintain a heads‐up, eyes out, orientation and the optical waveguides offer thin form factors with high transparency that provides an ideal ergonomic implementation for the operator.

Rockwell Collins also offered access to their CoalescenceTM mixed reality system, where attendees could try their hand at warfighter training. Participants were immersed in mixed reality that looked like they were firing a gun out of a CH-47 helicopter.

Other technologies on the show floor this year included Agueris, a training and simulation system that specializes in military simulation solutions for land/air weapon systems and vehicles, VirTra, a simulation company specializing in platforms for firearms and combat training, and a simulation platform from SAIC, a large enterprise IT solution provider.

Agueris Vehicle Simulation Demo
VirTra Firearms Simulation Demo
SAIC Simulation Demo

If you’d like to learn more about the 2017 AUSA Annual meeting, follow the hashtag #AUSA2017 on Twitter.