A Year in Review for Modern Military Training 2017

Modern Military Training

Looking back on 2017, there has been major movement in the military training and simulation space. Between increased adoption of augmented and mixed reality (AR and MR), improved simulation fidelity efforts, and increased industry and service collaboration, it’s no surprise industry leaders expect greater adoption of military training solutions in2018.

To celebrate the passing of another significant year in the training and simulation community, Modern Military Training has compiled some of our most popular, thought-provoking pieces from 2017 from a myriad of knowledgeable industry experts.

Here are our Top Five most popular articles from 2017, wait did we say Top Five?  We actually have six! We thank each and every one of you that subscribed, “liked” and shared ModernMilitaryTraining.com. Your support is greatly appreciated and for that we thank you!

The Importance of Fidelity in Simulation and Training

Tony Vonthoff, Director of Marketing and Sales at Saab, shared his insights about prioritizing fidelity in training and simulation and how that fidelity allows trainees to suspend their disbelief and train more realistically. Vonthoff stated, “In order for a simulation to be effective in in combat training, it is absolutely fundamental that the simulation precisely replicates the ballistics of the ammunition being employed.”

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The Future of Security and LVC: Q&A with U.S. Air Force’s Colonel Dan Marticello

Modern Military Training contributor Wes Naylor spoke with Col. Dan Marticello of the U.S. Air Force about necessary security measures when it comes to LVC programs and what the future of that initiative looks like for the Air Force. Col. Marticello explained the benefits of moving towards a more consolidated security infrastructure for military training programs and how the Air Force plans to push these motions forward.

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DOWNLOAD: Synthesizing High Resolution Terrain for Radar Simulation

Rockwell Collins shared a whitepaper authored by their own Daniel Lowe, Principal Software Engineer for Simulation and Training Solutions, highlighting the importance in simulation fidelity, similar to that of Tony Vonthoff at Saab. This whitepaper, however, focused specifically on the creation of hi-res terrain for radar.

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VIDEO: Augmented and Mixed Realities are Pushing Military Training into the 21st Century

While attending Sea Air Space 2017 in April, Modern Military Training spoke with several industry experts about the effects of augmented and mixed reality on military training approaches. With insights from Rockwell Collins, CAE, and Cubic, we were able to glean that AR and MR offer several advantages to warfighter training programs, not the least of which was immense cost savings.

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VIDEO: 2017 Trends in Simulation and Live Virtual Constructive Training

Following I/ITSEC 2016, Modern Military Training compiled insights from industry leaders including Rockwell Collins, Raytheon, CAE, and CSRA about predictions for LVC in 2017. Those experts knew that 2017 would be a year ripe with opportunity and innovation in the training and simulation space.

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Training Efficacy: Protecting Your Investment in Training

Regular contributor to Modern Military Training and CEO of CogniSens Jean Castonguay discussed the importance of training efficacy and  the importance of enhancing a soldier’s capacity to learn prior to any training program to ensure the full impact. Castonguay discussed how introducing neuro-scientific behavioral elements into military training can improve performance outcomes by reducing the failure rate and increasing fatigue resilience, coping mechanisms, all while improving mental and physical performance.

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