Operation Blended Warrior (OBW) Fuels the Power of Blended Training & Industry Collaboration Year-Round


In order to provide the most effective and comprehensive training possible, the military has become increasingly dependent on simulation technologies; specifically, adopting a Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) approach.  For the last few years at I/ITSEC, Operation Blended Warrior has perfectly showcased that LVC adoption and the power of collaboration between industry leaders like Rockwell Collins and CAE.

As a result of the program’s success and to address the rapid changes in training and simulation, OBW is expanding beyond I/ITSEC and evolving into a year-round sandbox to help realize the important of LVC.

OBW leverages the unique expertise and capabilities of several industry partners to create a cohesive training experience designed to properly prepare the warfighter for whatever they may face.  To learn more about the growth and evolution of OBW, the Modern Military Training team spoke with its Director, Kent Gritton.

In our discussion, Gritton touched on the program goals and the importance of LVC training, industry challenges that have sparked innovation, and the industry’s shift towards more cyber and electronic warfare tactics.

“For the most part, we’ve been very focused on the kinetic type of solutions,” explained Gritton.  “But as the warfare starts advancing, we’re getting more into the non-kinetic type of spaces.  Think cyber, think electronic warfare.  How do we merge that together?”

Gritton also shared that LVC adoption and interest is showing no signs of slowing among military branches, and is proving extremely useful in making the most of the resources they have available.

“Every service has a lot of interest in exploring LVC and how to push it together because readiness is going to be a key issue,” he stated.  “And in order to actually use the weapon systems that we have to their fullest extent, we need to do so within a virtual environment because we don’t have range space large enough to be able to do that live.”

With OBW now expanding as a program in action 365 days a year, Gritton explained that more necessary industry change can be enacted at a faster pace.  “…We are moving away from a platform-centric approach to a mission-centric approach, so we have distributed mission training capability.  We’re really excited about having an R&D sandbox to tease out some of those new concepts.”

You can watch Gritton’s overview of this year’s Operation Blended Warrior program and the important role LVC as a whole is serving in preparing today’s troops in the video below.



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