Sea Air Space Shines a Spotlight on Collaboration to Enhance Information Warfighting


Sea Air Space 2018 is one of the largest maritime expositions in the U.S., designed to educate, support, and display the most current technology solutions and trends impacting maritime policy. The editors of The Modern Battlespace were on-site, listening in on panel sessions, and walking the show floor and we’ve captured the social buzz from the event for our readers below:

Navy Information Warfare Spotlight Cyber Technology

If you had the chance to stop by the Navy Information Warfare booth at Sea Air Space 2018, it was filled with technology demos, sessions, and information that demonstrate the Navy’s commitment to warfighting in the information age. With a strong emphasis on enhancing information warfighting, the booth included demos on network systems, tactical sensor management, military satellite communications, and data science and analytics technologies.

Sea Air Space

According to Vice Adm. Jan Tighe, the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare (OPNAV N2N6), initiating and facilitating relevant and crucial conversation among key military decision makers and our partners in the U.S. defense industrial base is much needed.

“The Chief of Naval Operations talks about building and maintaining the Navy the Nation Needs,” said Tighe here. “He outlines a balanced approach that considers capability and capacity, while also accounting for the readiness and sustainment of the force as we build toward our required force structure. He calls for a bigger fleet, a better fleet, a networked fleet, a more talented fleet, an agile fleet and a ready fleet. The Information Warfare Community, through many of the systems, efforts and capabilities that we’ll talk about and demonstrate at Sea-Air-Space, plays a big role in building that Navy the Nation Needs. Our partnerships with industry are crucial to the process.”

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Navigating Uncertain Times Requires Partners

During the panel sessions and keynotes, maritime leaders discussed the importance of Sea Air Space and similar events, where a dialog is open and discussions around the latest priorities, requirements, and needs take place, all while taking a deeper look at the technology solutions to support efforts.  One key takeaway? Partnership and collaboration are much needed.

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