Addressing the Need for Speed in Modeling and Simulation Adoption with NTSA’s RADM Robb


In our last post, Modern Military Training shared a conversation with NTSA President Rear Admiral James Robb about MODISM World 2018, trends in the modeling and simulation community (M&S), and challenges M&S experts currently face. In our second part of our conversation with RADM Robb, we talk about applying that innovation in M&S to military training programs and what important lessons are being learned in that process.

When discussing what new technologies have proven beneficial for military training experts moving forward, RADM Robb brought up the increase in focus on human performance assessment and the role that digital training approaches play in training today’s warfighters. “[Young warfighters] today are digital natives who grew up in gaming environments,” stated RADM Robb. “There are huge efforts ongoing with the services to transform their training and bring digital content to them.”

The value of simulator data and how it enables more personalized and targeted training also came up in our discussion with RADM Robb. “We can collect that data and develop performance profiles.…In the next generation of human resources, you’ll have all this data available to find the best person to do the best job.” The visibility into specific strengths and areas for improvement for a warfighter ultimately deliver on the need for readiness and maximum mission safety.

RADM Robb also discussed several of the different technologies that are enabling and propelling broader modeling and simulation adoption, namely cloud computing, big data analytics, and strategic artificial intelligence application.

You can listen to the second part of our conversation with RADM Robb below and learn about how military leaders can and are applying the latest modeling and simulation technology to their training programs: