ITEC 2019: 30 Years of Building the Military Training Community


Last month in Stockholm, Sweden, experts across the defense community gathered for the 30th Annual ITEC show. The event boasted more than 2,500 attendees from over 60 different countries, all ready to discuss the evolving defense market, specifically around training, simulation, and education.

Following the event, Modern Military Training captured some of the top takeaways from ITEC 2019, including insights about developments in training realism, interoperability, and the evolution of the modeling and simulation community as a whole.

Here’s what ITEC 2019 attendees had to share:

As with most defense trade shows, the importance of international partnerships and the need for budget-friendly training solutions were a couple points that keynote speaker Major General Karl Engelbrekston of the Swedish Army touched on in his opening remarks.

With interoperability being one of the central themes of this year’s show, it’s not surprising that several thought leaders came to the table with insights about improving interoperability. ITEC speaker Dr. Frank DiGiovanni highlighted specifically the importance of human characteristics like humility and empathy to the success of interoperable programs and solutions. It is by implementing those characteristics in programs that the “holy grail” of true cross-domain training access can take place.

How to make simulated training more realistic is always a topic of discussion, because the more realistic the training can be, the better equipped our warfighters are. All the way down to simulated civilians in a training scenario can improve decision-making skills for warfighters. These factors all contribute to a more seamless training environment. Modern Military Training published insights from Saab’s Tony Vonthoff on the importance of fidelity in simulation and training programs, speaking directly to how it contributes to the readiness of the warfighter.

The evolution of the modeling and simulation community as a whole is an ongoing discussion among defense leaders and serves as one of the primary reasons for annual gatherings like ITEC. Hearing an international perspective on this evolution is crucial to future innovation.

The Modern Military Training team looks forward to seeing what ITEC 2020 has to offer in the way of insights about the future of simulation and training in the military.