Analysts Predict Demand for Defense Communication Systems as the Battlespace Evolves

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As the future of the battlespace evolves, advanced technologies are in demand to ensure that the warfighter is connected and prepared to fight. In fact, Future Market Insights, an organization providing market intelligence, recently released a study that finds that the demand in the defense communication market will grow by a 10 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2029.

Contributing factors to the predicted growth in the defense communication market include the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and the ever-growing need for digital, mobile, and satellite-enabled communication systems. The editors at The Modern Battlespace had the opportunity to talk with Arpit Shivhare, market research analyst for Future Market Insights, about the study findings. We’ve highlighted the Q&A below:

The Modern Battlespace (TMB) Editors: What is the current state of the defense communication market?

Arpit ShivhareFuture Market Insights: Defense communication systems and technologies have become a crucial part of the economic, scientific, and security capabilities of countries around the world. The governments of various countries are now focused on capitalizing on defense communication solutions to improve operational effectiveness and to enhance homeland security and digital communication capabilities. The application of sensors and smart devices in the defense industry to promote connected military systems is creating abundant opportunities for the growth of the defense communication system market.

TMB Editors: How do you see the battlespace evolving?

Future Market Insights: The widespread adoption of IoT technologies is significantly affecting many aspects of military operations. A growing number of battlefield assets are now becoming networked entities, due to capillary and high density personal and environment sensor systems. Moreover, the exponential growth of the IoT market is producing more powerful and energy-efficient defense communication devices. Furthermore, advancements in miniaturization, radio frequency identification, low-power computing, and machine-to-machine communication are factors which are creating potential growth opportunities for the defense communication system market.

TMB Editors: What are the biggest communications challenges in this new battlespace?

Future Market Insights: With an increase in network-centric environments in militaries, networks for voice and data transmission are becoming even more important. The number of communication technologies designed requires large, radiating antennas, which are presenting various problems. These communication satellites, when used in submarine communication, can cause electromagnetic interference and even mutual blockage. These problems are also observed as a part of the increasing demand for bandwidth, multiple bands, and low observability for satellite communication.

TMB Editors: Where do you see the biggest opportunities for growth in terms of communication technologies to support the warfighter on the battlefield?

Future Market Insights: Fixed satellite service and mobile satellite service providers can create abundant opportunities for the development of advanced defense communication equipment. Furthermore, with the growth of the satellite communication market, collaboration with satellite communication service providers can generate potential opportunities for defense communication solution providers to provide advanced and connected satellite communication systems. Thus, the development of space infrastructure in emerging economies like India, China, and Japan is attracting several defense communication solution providers.

TMB Editors: Anything else to add?

Future Market Insights:  In the recent years, it has been observed that, various Defense Communication solution providers have been focusing on collaborations and partnerships with other companies. The increase in collaborations and partnerships helps companies offer innovative solutions and enhance their customer base in the region.

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