DOWNLOAD: Examining Waveform Modernization Options for Today’s Warfighter

Waveform Modernization

Reliable and resilient communications are paramount to so many components of today’s battlespace: mission readiness, soldier lethality, security, and the list goes on and on. To account for an increasingly contested and congested battlespace, waveform modernization is critical for today’s warfighter and the way we use them in-theater must evolve.

A new whitepaper from The Modern Battlespace titled “Examining Waveform Options for Today’s Warfighter” delves into a few different areas around waveform modernization, including how it helps in the overall effort to get warfighters the communications capabilities that they need.

“Over the coming months and years, we will witness the migration to a more open system approach that will, if done correctly, lead to the ability to agilely scale and grow capabilities from multiple industry sources to ensure our military continues to have that force multiplier found in reliable and resilient communications,” explains Joseph Graf, fellow at Collins Aerospace, in the whitepaper’s foreword.

Download the Whitepaper Here

This whitepaper looks at the following areas of need for  military waveform modernization:

  • The advantage of utilizing barrage relay networking (BRN) when using the MANET waveform, as exemplified in a partnership between Collins Aerospace and Trellisware.
  • A comprehensive comparison of the SATURN and HAVEQUICK waveforms and how SATURN builds on the HAVEQUICK program to create a more robust offering for today’s warfighter.
  • An overview of the existing waveform landscape and how the industry and defense communities are working together to keep pace with warfighter needs and expectations with solutions like software defined radios.

To learn more about waveform modernization in-theater, you can download the entire whitepaper here.