VIDEO: Training for the Future of Joint All Domain Warfare

Joint All Domain Warfare

Today’s battlefield domains are quickly becoming more complex and integrated covering land, air, sea, space, and cyber. U.S. Air Force leaders have made it clear that as our systems grow more complex, peer adversaries have been watching and, in turn, have invested in advanced technologies and capabilities with their sights set on domination. To stay ahead, there is a growing need to enhance Joint All Domain warfare efforts and prepare airmen in LVC environments for the future fight.

Braxton Rehm, retired USAF Fighter Pilot and Group Commander, now sits on the other side of the table as Associate Director, Connected Multi-Domain Battlespace Integration for Collins Aerospace. Rehm highlights how U.S. and Coalition Operators can train to meet the demands of a future conflict in this short video.

“These challenges require the United States and our Coalition partners to respond with a new way of warfare,” Rehm says. “The concept of Joint All Domain Command and Control [JADC2] is at the heart of this emerging strategic initiative.”

Rehm points out that JADC2 “seeks to gain data superiority and control from a safe distance” yet it also prepares for what happens when the enemy degrades or denies certain systems and capabilities.

“This reality requires sophisticated, resilient technologies, but also operators who have experience with systems being degraded or denied, and the problem-solving abilities to adapt real-time,” Rehm explained.

LVC training blends the “most realistic representation” to allow warfighters to train as they would fight. Rehm notes, “You have to have a network and an architecture that can emulate the hardest challenges we have and then provide the ability to debrief to that and extract the critical lessons learned.”

As the future fight evolves and expectations of existing platforms change, the warfighters also need to train for that reality.

“Training is not just how to employ your weapons system, but how to maximize your available assets for every operator and train each of them to think and plan and problem solve with degraded systems,” Rehm stresses.

Watch this video to learn how the right mix of LVC capabilities enable a test and training environment to prepare for the future fight.