AUSA 2020: The Time is Now for Cyber Resiliency on the Battlefield

Cyber Resiliency

The 2020 AUSA Annual Meeting kicked off virtually this week, sporting the theme “The Time is Now” and emphasizing the people, modernization, readiness, and partnerships across the defense community. Every year, the AUSA Annual Meeting brings together defense leaders from around the world to discuss key messages from the Army and emerging capabilities being brought to the modern warfighter.

This month also happens to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM), hosted over the last 17 years by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), prompting leaders in every industry, defense included, to assess their views and understandings on current cybersecurity best practices. With an increasingly connected battlespace, cyber resiliency and readiness continue to grow in importance in defense, so it stands to reason that cybersecurity’s evolving role in-theater is a leading topic for discussion at AUSA 2020.

Contributing to the discussion around cyber resiliency and readiness for the modern warfighter is a webinar from Raytheon Technologies titled, “Cyber Resiliency on the Modern Battlefield.” The webinar explores how cyber resiliency supports overarching cybersecurity efforts in the battlespace and what the technologies that support those efforts look like. 

The featured experts for this discussion include Mark Bradbury, Principal Engineering Fellow, Technical Director for the Raytheon Cyber Operations, Development, and Evaluation (CODE) Center, and Jacob Noffke, Senior Principal Cyber Engineer at Raytheon Intelligence and Space. Bradbury and Noffke will look at how the cyber threat landscape is changing and the most effective ways defense leaders are mitigating the corresponding challenges in arenas like embedded weapons systems.

“The key to making a system cyber resilient is assuming your system has been compromised to some degree,” stated Noffke in an interview with Modern Integrated Warfare. “It’s crucial for defense leaders to broaden their scope of cybersecurity and understand that technology exists today to help keep the mission going in a cyber-contested environment.”

To hear more from Noffke and Bradbury about cyber resiliency in the battlefield during the AUSA Annual Meeting this year, you can register for the webinar or watch it on-demand here.