Human Performance and Biosystems Summit Looks at Relationship Between Readiness and Wellness

Human Performance

Next month, the Defense Strategies Institute’s 3rd Annual Human Performance and Biosystems Summit will take place in Alexandria, VA, on April 7-8, 2021, and will bring together defense leaders from around the world to discuss the latest updates and innovations in human performance on the battlefield. Conversations at this year’s event will revolve around topics like personalized assessment, education and training, systems interfaces and cognitive processes, and warfighter performance.

“The key theme of the Summit this year is to learn how leaders around the military are making sure that soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are physically and mentally prepared to face any challenge that the future might hold,” explained Steve Flannery, Program Manager with the Defense Strategies Institute. The wide variety of mission types that warfighters face today call for different requirements and fitness needs that advances in technology and nutrition are helping prepare the warfighter for, explained Flannery.

Among the many different sessions being offered at this year’s show, Flannery shared that he is particularly interested in the panel discussion on resiliency. “When it comes to mental health, most of the news comes from events that shape the warfighter after the fact and all the pain that PTSD can cause,” he said. “This panel will discuss how to help defend against mental anguish while at home before any of the trauma may occur.” According to Flannery, the panel will shed light on an issue that many knows exists but that few want to talk about before deployment when the right outreach could have the biggest impact.

Confirmed speakers at this year’s Human Performance and Biosystems Summit include human performance experts from several branches of the armed services who will “highlight departmental efforts to develop and deliver technologies which enable, sustain, enhance, and quantify human performance for improved mission effectiveness,” according to the event’s homepage.

It goes without saying that the global pandemic has created a unique lens for this year’s show, specifically around warfighter health and its impact on warfighter readiness. Flannery stated, “One of the key lessons that can be taken away from COVID-19 is just how important the health and wellbeing of the warfighter are throughout the DoD. When the pandemic first started the Navy was hit particularly hard and was forced to send the USS Theodore Roosevelt to port. This took away a much-needed asset from the Pacific and showed just how devastating poor health is to readiness across the DoD.”

The Human Performance and Biosystems Summit this year looks to dive deep into the relationship between warfighter health and readiness and the innovations that resulted from lessons learned over the last year. As media partners for this event, we look forward to hearing what these experts have to share and how they are applying this knowledge to their warfighter readiness strategies moving forward.

You can register to attend this year’s show here.