Future-Proofing FVL Efforts with the Power of MOSA


When we look at the core components of Future Vertical Lift (FVL), and what it takes to truly modernize the rotorcraft fleet across the U.S. military, one of the most important lessons that comes to mind is the need for futureproof solutionsWith the ability to continuously modernize a fleet without causing great disruption to mission readiness, overmatch goals can be met, if not exceeded, and warfighters have the necessary, up-to-date equipment at their disposal 

Size, weight, power, and cost are all factors that play into the strategy behind FVL efforts, and solutions designed with those factors in mind are crucial. These unique challenges all form part of a larger puzzle; to address these pieces and future-proof the necessary technologies will require the use of a modular open systems architecture, or MOSA.  

MOSA is not only cost-effective but allows for more rapid and proactive platform updates and optimizations, deters vendor lock, and allows for industry-wide advancements. This means a truly bestinclass FVL ecosystem becomes available to the defense communityand it is constantly adapting to an everchanging, connected battlespace. 

MOSA’s value has been underlined in many different discussions with military leaders during several recent industry events. In an update from the U.S. Army at AUSA Global Force Next 2021, “Future Vertical Lift: Modernizing Army Aviation for Multi-Domain Operations,” Major General Walter T. Rugen, Director of U.S. Army Futures Command’s Future Vertical Lift Cross Functional Team expanded on the various areas of focus for the FVL CFT at the Army Futures Command, with MOSA included on that shortlist.  

Noting the magnitude of MOSA’s impact on Army modernization, MG Rugen stated, “We’re going to grade industry on this open system approach with a governmentdefined interface and a governmentdefined standard and a great governing structure that gets after upgrading at the pace of technology. 

Future-proofing FVL means laying a strong but flexible foundation that can be swiftly and tactfully updated as needed. MOSA is crucial to meeting that demand and pushing the industry to the level that defense leaders expect. 

You can learn more about how Collins Aerospace is contributing to the ongoing future-proofing of FVL efforts in this video.