I/ITSEC 2021: Training Innovations Two Years in the Making


Upon our return to the I/ITSEC show floor, we asked a variety of defense experts what innovations they expect to see, or are at least hoping to see, on the I/ITSEC 2021 show floor. This was an especially compelling question, considering two years have elapsed since getting to experience much of this technology in-person, and many technologies have taken huge leaps in their development during that time.  

With more collaborative technologies now at the military’s disposal for training purposes, there is much to be explored with regards to how solutions can be stacked to offer a cohesive, comprehensive training experience. Defense leaders are also hopeful for more streamlined acquisition and business models that will put the right solutions in the hands of the warfighter more rapidly than ever.  

We connected with the following experts to examine this question and they all brought their unique expertise and experience to the discussion: 

  • Arthur Alexion, BISim CEO   
  • Marek Polcak, VRgineers CEO and Co-Founder   
  • Steve “Snak” Nakagawa, Senior Manager, LVC Simulation Programs at Collins Aerospace  
  • Dr. Angus McLean, Fellow at Collins Aerospace 
  • Joe Mercado, Senior Product Manager, AI and Simulation at Unity 

Hear what they had to share about innovations expected and anticipated on the I/ITSEC 2021 show floor: 

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