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Shany Seawright, Managing Editor

Senior Vice President at Strategic Communications Group and Managing Editor of The Modern Battlespace, Seawright oversees the direction of the publication and manages the editorial staff. She also manages and writes content for other publications in the defense military, government IT, and aviation industries.

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Chelsea Barone, Editor

Chelsea is an Editor for The Modern Battlespace, and oversees editorial strategy and content development for the site. Chelsea writes for other federal government and technology industry publications. Her background lies in B2B and enterprise technology, specifically cloud computing, SaaS, travel IT, and mobile devices.

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Justin Lee, Editor

Justin Lee is a Writer for The Modern Battlespace and contributes news and events content to this site. He writes for a number of industry digital communities that focus on communications technology, including commercial satellites, cloud networking, and the latest in aerospace. Justin also shares his perspective from his past experience in the executive and legislative branches of government and the policy think tank world.



Kurt Grigg

Kurt Grigg is senior director for Collins Aerospace and a regular contributor to The Modern Battlespace on topics and issues related to navigation, communications, and networks and how these areas have evolved and continue to help the warfighter delivering on mission success.

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Joseph T. Graf, Collins Aerospace Fellow

Joseph Graf is a Collins Aerospace Fellow and a regular contributor to The Modern Battlespace. Graf, who holds five U.S. patents and one pending, is a recognized expert in collaborating across Communications Engineering to influence the architectures and designs of the next generation of software-defined radios.

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